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. >> and that developing story is coming out of japan tonight where the usgs says a massive 8.9 magnitude earthquake struck the asian nation just a while ago. right now tsunami warnings are in effect for that region and as far away as hawaii. this is a look at the kron 4 seismograph. that's the left side of your screen. you can see the quake's gigantic size. the quake was centered 80 miles off japan's eastern coast near the city of sendaih. japanese television networks are showing major damage right now. you can see where all of the cars have been moved and pushed into the water from the shaking. nhk television shows the cars and trucks and houses being swept away by a tsunami this. it is friday afternoon in japan -- there. it is friday afternoon in japan. no one is reported injured at this time but reports are still coming in. the quake hit at 2:46 in the afternoon and it was followed by a 7.4 magnitude aftershock. there are no reports of injuries now as we said. kron 4's jacqueline bennett is here to tell us more about the tsunami dangers. >> the usgs is working to confirm the tsunami actually happened a
dramatic impact in japan and even here. you can see what is going on. the before, in the after. kron 4's kate thompson spoke with nuclear power expert. >> 240 mouth itself is mount diablo, one the biggest - we are better prepared than japan. >> will upgrade our equipment against the possibility of explosscenarios. >> those in areas with retrofitting diablo canyon 15 years younger than japan. to withstand a 7.5 earthquake. >> what if there was a bigger quake and a 7.5 lowith this reactor be retrofitted for? >> the reactor in japan was built for a 7.9 but they added 8.9. what we see is that other reactors.... the building and the destruction would still be about the same. >>reporter: the radiation and spreading here. the radiation levels are low and there is very little danger for the bay area. >> japan is very far away. the radiation level is the same the you'd get from a chest x-ray. it is nothing to worry about. >>reporter: kate thompson >>pam: the cascading problems fukushima daiichi compounding the tokyo government. already struggling with relief of hundreds of thousands of people alo
for unsafe levels of radiation. >>pam: while the nuclear threat in japan is getting worse, nuclear experts from uc-berkeley say the danger here in the bay area, even if there was a complete meltdown in japan was nonexistent. kate thompson reports, they say if some radiation reached the u.s. it would be so small it would not be cause for concern. >>kate: today's danger level in the bay area on a scale of 1 to 10, one being the best and 10 being the worst, as far as radiation. >> id 0. one. >>kate: worst-case scenario everything goes wrong. what is the situation in the bay area on a scale of one to attend if that happens in today's question mark? >> 1. there shouldn't be any health hazard. to the bay area. >>kate: reporting live, kron 4 news. >>pam: on the phone to help us understand the implications of exposure to radiation, michael with the state public health. there is concern even though we are hearing from experts said it's unlikely the u.s. could really be affected by a meltdown and radiation from any plants in japan. nonetheless there is concern among the general population. what mess
reporting live, rob fladeboe. >>catherine: japan, reports of an explosion in you that the gratuity nlkoshima -the nuclear power plant. and there were three reactors in particular the there were very concerned about. they are at risk of melting. the prime minister is calling for an international help. he wants experts from all over the world to try to figure out how to prevent this meltdown. they could be close to that point and to that #2 is where the rod is exposed and this is happening after the friday's earthquake and tsunami. that knocked out power. that troubled the cooling system they need to keep nuclear of foofuel from melting and becoming hazardous. >>pam: this is that nuclear plant. this was followed by two hydrogen explosions. and the catastrophic traffic relief catastrophic-relief of te radiation a major concern. catherine was just explaining the latest concern is that they heard explosions. there have not been radioactive material released. we have seen pictures of this unfolding catastrophe where residents of japan that the ben living in this area that have been living in this
economic toll. today the u.s. stock market closed sharply lower. japan the world's largest economy accounts for 10% of u.s. exports. >>catherine: today officials ditch to plan and try to use helicopters to pour water into a nuclear reactor. the fire is out, there is still a lot of concern that the water to boil away. here's a timeline of events of the nuclear plant that has the world on edge. the 9.0 earthquake hits off the coast friday. the nuclear plant is in one of the hardest hit areas. the quake and tsunami knocked out regular and backup cooling systems to reactors one and three. workers began injecting sea water and boron and reactors to prevent a meltdown. saturday afternoon, a hydrogen buildup leads to an explosion. blowing the roof off the no. 1 reactor building, for workers heard. midday monday, another explosion tears through the reactor number three building. the roof and topples are destroyed, 11 people hurt. late monday, reactor no. 2 loses its cooling capability. workers in jagged see water and boron into that reactor as well. tuesday morning, an explosion in its the
plant at a power plant in japan? >> caller: pam, wanting i can say is that as more and more information comes out of will have more information. and expect to what happens. right now, which are glued to the news coverage we are watching you. and seen the images and we totally understand why folks would be concerned in the united states. it is really too early to draw any conclusions and make assumptions about that plant. and the assumptions of if it is built the same? >> caller: i am not aware of the building construction of the plant but the el diablo canyon was billed for the coast for which it sets. it was designed for the ocean. with different and environmental hazards in mind like earthquakes, some of the south. in fact, the power block is a thousand feet above sea routsee level. in addition, we have seismically reinforced structures. all of our systems, components are put into the plant with seismic safety in mind. a long-term seismic program in mind. we've been on staff team of geoscientists the constantly looking at the seismology activity. with moving tectonic plates. especiall
>> top story japan. the latest set of libya they have closed airspace to all traffic. >> live from the bay area news station this is the kron 4 morning news. >> i'm just teen it is finally friday march 18th, a big storm system that are we right now let's get the very latest. >> james: we have traffic moving well, it is getting what on the roadways. our assignment manager is saying it wasn't wet when he woke up but now is getting wet. lets take a quick look at the storm trucker for. a lot of rain to our north. the lower sections of it starting to bring in the rain. heavy stuff north of san rosa coming our way, we have a decent selling for san francisco right now. i took the measurement of the rainfall rates, we are in the half inch per hour range. it is tracking in general from the north to the south although there is the west-east slant to it. keep track of that and we will let you know how and tetzel's ranch chores are. the peninsula also seen light grain right now. we are seeing a flood watch now in affect for solano county. this flood watch is in effect until sunday night, frida
of japan, and near san that japan's. dozens of cities and villages along the 1,300 mi. were shaken by violent tremors that reached as far away as tokyo. hundreds of miles away from the epicenter. the longest quake in japan's history. here is a video out of japan. the impact on the buildings, all the debris and fires that were sparked here by this request. this was the scene in downtown tokyo. scary stuff. the seed was repeated in a handful of other cities. more video to show you this morning of the capital. workers rushed out of the buildings in search of stable ground. you can see the panic. crowds gathered in the streets trying to reach relatives on cell phones. you can see the damage. this was cnn's bureau in tokyo. the tapes, and desks, shelves everything come down. everyone getting outside because they didn't know what was coming next. eight people have died, that was the earliest report. we are getting and the other reports say death toll has risen to 40. that number will likely rise through the day keeping an eye on that. the impact is we have a tsunami warning issued for th
six >> mark: a.m., the latest out of japan forcing japan's workers to evacuate the power plant. the steps being taken to get them back in. >> darya: travelers are anxious to get out of japan amid fears of reactioradiation contaminati >> mark: the new killer crisis in japan is our top story at 6:00 a.m. >> darya: we are going attack the latest in japan in just one minute. >> mark: first and early check gone bay area weather. >> james: those rainshowers seem to be pushing off at this point. we are not seeing a lot in the area of rain. 680 north of martinez looks like it may be getting rain. walnut creek expecting showers momentarily. otherwise they will taper off, but it won't last long. more heavier rain said it not for friday much more coming up in a bit. >> erica: crosstown freeways no problems here, but i might have bought spot for the moral saw a tall you wear street dead. >> mark: the team that has been working to prevent a meltdown in the new fuel plant is getting ready to go back into the plant to try and cool the reactor spirit they were evacuated today. more smoke is ri
of japan. >>reporter: according to japan's chief secretary, at current radiation levels detected in not pose an immediate health risk to citizens. evacuation orders are in effect and fear is widespread. >> this accident is not a problem restrictiorestricted tor area i asked people japan to recognize this as a national problem. >>reporter: they're still trying to grasp the magnitude of last friday's historic disaster. if the rescue and recovery continues as the number of dead and missing nears 15,000. rescue crews are still hopeful of finding survivors. there's still plenty of opportunity for us to find it lives. >>reporter: that effort is being hampered by freezing temperatures and snow. as a precaution the u.s. embassy in tokyo is recommending that americans who live within 50 mi. of the nuclear plant evacuate. in washington, samantha hayes. >>pam: dr. alan hanson, with the institute for international studies in stamford joins us tonight to answer some of the questions and concerns people have. thank you for joining us. if it is true, the u.s. government hasn't been confirmed by
>>pam: as japan's nuclear nightmare deepens, the emperor goes on pension to stay calm. tokyo's streets are deserted as elevated radiation levels have spread beyond the evacuation zone. >> radiation levels are extremely high. >>pam: with four reactors in danger of meltdown the u.s. embassy is warning americans to stay at least 50 mi. away. >>live, from the bay area's news station, this is kron4 news at 4:00. >>pam: japanese officials say the best way of ending the threat of nuclear disaster is a new power line that could restore electrical power to the cooling pumps at the reactors. the u.s. regulatory commission said today all the water is gone from one of the polls. as kron 4 shows us, there is now nothing to stop the fuel rods from ultimately melting down. >>reporter: a new satellite pictures shows for the first time the extensive damage to the reactors. no. 1 lost its roof in an explosion, number two is in tact in releasing steam. no. 3 shows the most damage but the greatest danger is reactor for. it that is where all the water is train from the polls. u.s. officials say t
>> darya: 70 a.m. top story the latest out of japan as the death toll climbs after the earthquake and tsunami that hit friday. >> mark: worries grow over possible melt down of japan's power plant. >> darya: the first full day of trading after the quake. japan's money takes a dive. >> mark: we are live in santa cruz, the latest in the cleanup after is in the harbor. kron 4 news at 7:00 a.m. start to melt. cal. >> darya: thanks for waking up march 11th, 2011. sorry it's march 14th. >> mark: across the pacific and the latest out of japan following the earthquake and tsunami. officials say 1000 bodies have washed up along the coast line as you see this anomaly that head. the death toll 2800, officials say it will likely to rise above the 10,000. millions of survivors are facing a third night without food, water, heating. a power plant to 150 mi. north of tokyo. fuel rods were temporarily exposed. in net unprecedented move they are channeling seawater into the reactor 11 workers were injured in the latest explosion >> darya: you have seen the water, we have video coming out of one of t
desperate measures. et the situation involving japan's severely earthquake and tsunami-damaged nuclear power plants is getting worse. in fact, the threat of a nuclear meltdown has reached an all-time high. tonight, kron4 has team coverage, including a look at what's happening right now in japan to help avoid the worst- case scenario. what bay area officials are saying about the situation and the possibility of radiation making it to our shores. >>> plus, the run on certain products use to treat radiation sickness. >>> tonight, a surge of radiation at fukushima's power plant in japan made it too dangerous for the workers to stay. the emergency operation to keep the plant from reaching a meltdown was suspended. kron4's jonathan bloom explains the latest developments at japan's nuclear plants. >> we're learning that minutes ago, 50 out of the 800 evacuated workers have been allowed back into the facility now that radiation levels some somewhat subsided. they were evacuated for just under an hour from the plant that's located here near the city of sendai. but the situation there remains so dange
japan crews are trying to prevent a nuclear melt down. u.s. officials are trying to calm the nerves of americas who fear radiation can reach the west coast. >> we don't expect it to reach the west coast. >> we have the latest developments from the nuclear power plant, plus how one government age agency is beefing up radiation detection. >> crews are working around the clock at the fukushima dai-ichi nuclear power plant. the crews are working to reconnect electricity to the cooling system to cool the rods. other crews are spraying and dumping water on the nuclear few. smoke can be seen from building number 2 right now. the cause is not known but a explosion hit the building on tuesday. it is possible the cooling chamber is damaged. low levels of radiation have been detected beyond tokyo, which is 140 miles south of the nuclear power plant. u.s. is warning americans to leave the country and the government is offering voluntary evacuations. today president obama spoke about the situation in japan. this is video of president obama visiting the japanese embassy. the president wrote a mes
from of japan's nuclear reactors. u.s. officials cannot expect the japanese to quickly regained control of the plan's fuel rods. dangerous levels of radiation. good evening, everybody. all lan security is saying that radiation levels from flights from japan, landing and chicago, n.y.. to have real activity, but not enough to be concerned about. - radioactivity. first, what steps are being taken? nuclear helicopters tons of water the pilots cannot get very close. only one of the drop hit the target. not much of an impact. later, soldiers used high-pressure fire trucks. and used that on number three for 30 minutes. 140 mi. away and tokyo the japanese are trying to flee their country. rolling blackouts, food and fuel supplies are low. the united states as it advised americans still stay 50 mi. away from the nuclear areas. the evacue evacuation process of americans out of japan. president obama is telling people not to worry about nuclear plum in our country. >> i want to be very clear that we do not expect harmful levels of radiation to reach the not states. or if it is the west coast, haw
this morning. as a crisis in japan intensifies. japan's stock average down more than 1000 points. today was the third worst one day plunge in their history. >> mark: 40 $4 million donation to japan. they stopped production in the area. we went to toyota dealership to see how it is impacting business. >> reporter: it may have it economic impact on the dealers in the states. for manufacturing plants have been shut down following the disaster. sales managers based shutting down the plants means stopping the production of vehicles exclusively produced in japan like one of their best sellers, upper yes. they say it will impact on oil sales here. kron 4 news. >> mark: as we go to break one of the stories we're following alive look from arlington va., the final living servicemen to serve in world war one is being honored. the 110 year-old veteran passed away in his west virginia home last month. president barack obama has ordered flags to be lowered to half staff. ♪ that airline is gonna nail that frequent flyer with restrictions when he tries to use his miles. ♪ that's a lot of red tape!
of the quake a 30 ft. wall of water comes ashore. tonight northeastern japan is reeling from floods, fires and a new threat from the damaged nuclear power plant. >>live, from the bay area's news station, this is kron4 news at 4:00. >>pam: at 4:00, complete coverage of the earthquake in the tsunami that hit the california coast. our team coverage begins this afternoon with rob. he is live in santa cruz where there is major damage. >>rob: santa cruz county remains under a local state of emergency rate now. millions of damage as many as 100 boats have been damaged here. we have some video that we can show you. we saw surge after surging floodwaters coming into the channel of the santa cruz yacht harbor. this continued until 1:00 in the afternoon. as you can see it just these boats and operated them breaking away large chunks of the docks. hundreds of people came down here, for evacuation orders. the wharf remains closed and the beaches remain closed and the tsunami warning remains in effect here. were going to get confirmation on some of these numbers. of rate now is fairly common. but report
>>> disaster and devastation continue after the deadly earthquake in japan. one of the concerns, fires and explosions at failing nuclear power plant located near the epicenter of the earthquake. we have the latest developments tonight, including fallout concerns surrounding the nuclear power plant and what experts are saying about the possibility radiation could reach the west coast of the u.s. >>> the situation continues to change after friday's devastating earthquake. here is the latest. the death toll is more than 2400 and expects to rise as high as 10,000. more than 3,000 people are missing. thousands may have been swept away in the tsunami. 450,000 people are in shelters. the earthquake was upgraded to 9.0, making it the 4th largest in the world. explosions and fires are reported at the fukushima daiichi nuclear power plant. radiation levels there are up. kron 4's jonathan bloom has the latest at the plant and the overall radiation threat there and here. >> reporter: an explosion at fukushima daiichi sents a cloud of smoke and huge chunks of debris flying into the air. the
japan. in the u.s. citizens that have chosen to stay are requested to leave the area within 50 mi. are around that. >> we have driven this out, 1, 2, 3, 4, all four reactors. we will show you where these possible toxic levels are going. the first thing to keep in mind is that to keep this to the bay area. this has to be very high up. this gold aero will give you an idea. this is representing 1 mi. tall minimum. of those particles would need to be before they could make it and even make it perhaps three times that to make a meaningful impact. as we look through the 20 mi. no plighfly zone. and it is even recommended of a 50 mi. zone recommended by americans. this wind pattern has bencarrying this to the jets stream and it went through the alaskan islands. as we remind you that on thursday, there is a big storm in the pacific which is greek force us. that moisture is causing real active to going through the pacific. by tomorrow, that radioactivity--when it makes landfall there should be really nothing left. it is-great news delaccording to air regulators, there is no danger for the
say has begun. kron 4 spoke to the possibility vote in now on. >>reporter: fear is growing in japan about a possible nuclear meltdown. workers aren't evil the " three reactors after large quake jolted the region and south coast and on these costs even more damage. japanese officials that if so desperate it began helping sea water on to the reactors. top travertine is a nuclear energy expert in the senate left the water is used reactor will never work again. half a day >> in keeping cool continuously, and they're not going to be usable. i laugfin the risk to be cliff at large is low. chernobyl was a different kind of reactor, it's the kind of reactor that we don't allow in your or in the ninth for japan. there is enough information for anybody to tell you what is going happen next if >>reporting live, this is kron4 news. >>reporter: is video showing the powerful finale rolling into town for e.f. the nation is having a hard time recovering after a surge water continues to push through coastal cities. off more than two under 15,000 people have been evacuated off are in temporary shelte
>> darya: top story billet latest of japan the death toll continues to rise. >> mark: worries growing over possible meltdown at a new killer power plant. it tried to pull our runs. >> darya: japan's nikkei takes a dive. >> mark: the latest is that a cruise with the cleanup from friday tsunami. >> darya: thank you for waking up with the kron 4 morning news. >> mark: we begin with the latest from japan's following the earthquake and devastating sonometer 1000 bodies have washed off on short in the me on me on the shores. officials are saying more than 10,000 people are estimated to have died. millions of survivors are facing a fourth night without food, water, heating in near freezing temperatures. more trouble a nonnuclear power plant. the fuel round rods or temporary exposed and they're using a measure of using sea water to try and cool the reactor. 11 workers were injured in a hydrogen explosion at one of the reactors. there was a similar explosion saturday. they say small amounts of radioactive material have been released. >> darya: we have more destruction here and what hap
continues for the shooter. things keep getting worse for people in japan after that massive earthquake in this tsunami, at the big danger now is radiation. a big day for california teachers to learn if they lose their jobs, we will tell you how those cuts will affect schools and the bay. >> louisa: here is a look at your 7 day around the bay. every day this week we have a chance of showers, i will let you know when you're expecting the most rain. >> erica: tuesday morning commute, no problems to report, complete check and your bridges coming up. >> james: developing story at this are five people had been injured in a shooting in san francisco. it happened after 11:00 p.m. on 16th and caledonia. one victim suffered life- threatening injuries, four victims on life- threatening, all five transported to hospital. the shooting could be gang- related but no suspects or motive has not been identified. keebler ceiling themselves indoors to protect themselves in dangerous levels of radiation. there have been three reactors portion near where they live. a japanese nuclear safety officials as the
, japan's prime minister is calling it the worst crisis since world war two as rescue workers search for survivors from the earthquake and tsunami that hit japan. officials what red cross to the magnitude of the damage is not known, 2000 people >> reporter: justice said japan and other very dark, cold night. there follows what was an extremely difficult day for survivors, rescuers and the country as a whole. but days after the largest earthquake on record life is anything but normal. some headed back to work but were left stranded due to pirated, and downed trees. news from the disaster continues to be grim. reports of 2000 bodies discovered off the coast. >> 65 years after the end of war were to this is the tempest, most difficult crisis for japan. >> reporter: the destruction is a one- dimensional. insensate 80 mi. from the epicenter loads of homes of latin, reduce stress. lives, strewn about. on the ground, from the air surest and rescue teams look for survivors they find few miracles. washed away by the tsunami this woman house of to retreat, a floor mat for hours until hall ar
. the pictures of the votes were tossed about by the tsunami waves as they rolled in from the earthquake in japan. the ways costing millions of dollars in damage. now we want to show you that hawaii was hit with the tsunami as well. it brought waves some as high as 6 ft. to harbor in now we. these images show you how high the water is in homes. >>catherine: a lot of people are reacting on line. people are sharing their stories and pictures and videos. kimberly has some of what to what we can find on line. >>kimberlee: going to focus on we have lots of pictures, videos and a lot of block conversation taking place right now. let's show you, right now live block taking place. on- line is manager bryan answer your questions about quake in the tsunami. it of yours coming together and sharing their stories and experiences about evacuating. some are even sharing their stories about losing their boats on line. we'll saw video reports, such as helicopter video showing boat smashing together in the santa cruz harbor. we also have a slide show you can take a look at. it is filled with photos
northeastern japan is reeling from floods, fires and a new threat from a damaged nuclear power plant. hundreds of people were killed in japan by today's earthquake in tsunami. the numbers are still coming in. look of this video of the massive tsunami moving into japan you could see what's happening here as the boats are being tossed about. a powerful wall of water causing destruction. hundreds of people are still missing tonight, thousands are already known to be injured. the huge waves that roared ashore after the quake to carry away ships, cars and triggered wild fires throughout the area. the quake also triggered a tsunami warning along the west coast of california. you could see some of the damage happening here. at least five people were swept out to sea and one was still missing. in santa cruz, also very hard hit you could see the harbor, boats damaged and the tsunami search has the votes to come was all morning long. waves were rolling in and out. the books destroyed docks causing severe damage. governor jerry brown has declared a state of emergency. >>catherine: you're
check on your commute coming up. >> will: the aftermath of the massive earthquake and tsunami in japan, we're told the 180 emergency workers there were evacuated from the new killer plant are getting ready to return to work. they ordered the workers to leave because of dangerous levels of radiation. they're desperately trying to prevent a meltdown following three explosions and fire. helicopters are preparing to: down there are concerns that may not work. radiation levels have gone down. radiation levels where about 300 times the normal level. it can be and healthy if your proposed tariff for a long time. all little radiation was detected in tokyo. nuclear scientists all over brooklyn close attention to its going on in japan that includes the uc- berkeley engineering department. >> reporter: funicular engineering department in addition to monitoring the new killer crisis in japan will also begin measuring radiation levels in the bay area. but there's still a trend the cool down japan's new killer reactors by this weekend with the great concern. >> will: people are trying to flee the c
video of desndai japan, and out of- sendai, 25 0 mi. from japan. tokyo. this is the largest and the history. aftershocks, with 125, today, 6.5. between 200-300 were found along this coast. this town is over 1 million and inundated with the tsunami. still, 24 hours after the quake, rushed out roads, or prohibiting access to the area. incredible video of one town near this powerful tsunami. residents of forced and their homes, destroyed. cars, boats overcome by this strong ocean. over 200,000 people are living in temporary structures. since the earthquake, 1 million households to not have water. most in the northwest. 4 million buildings are without power in japan. the best for the chicken help victims is to dona. that you can-- help. the best with you can donate send ontest 90999 as a $10 donation text 90999. >> isabel: cleanup efforts in santa cruz. the search hitting the santa cruz harbor yesterday morning. at the - sug this remain in effect, along the coast, and advice to stay away from harbour, coastline. reggie kumar says that this news conference is scheduled this morni
are anxious to get out of japan amid fears of radiation exposure from those damage plant spirit >> mark: bay area what they are saying about radiation making it to our shores. >> james: we are watching the weather storm trucker for showing you light shower activity primarily in the south bay. a closer look at that and one to expect the next big storm. >> erica: alive look 101 those taillights toward santa clara traffic is moving well here but i have a fresh hot spot to tell you about straight ahead. >> darya: good morning and thank you for watching the kron 4 morning news at 7:00 a.m.. >> mark: the latest developments coming out of japan. new video of the reactors after a series of explosions and fires. the team that has been looking on the reactor continuing their work this morning. we are showing you the latest this morning. more smoke rising from the plant this morning. they had no choice to pull back when radiation levels were too high. one of the containment buildings is leaking radiation material into the air. the plant sustained at least two fires in four explosions. they are pumping
. the great highway is closed. a massive devastating 8.9 earthquake hitting japan the fifth largest earthquake ever recorded. it is headed towards the west coast. >> louisa: seen waves in hawaii, there's a tsunami warning for the entire state of hawaii. rtc and waves up to 7 ft.. we are expected to see continue to see those waves increase. the big island could actually get waves up to about 10 ft.. this map shows you where they could reach. dark shade of red indicating 10 ft. waves. rain now japan has already seen 98 quakes. we're talking about those aftershocks, as well. this happened raid on the zone between north american in the pacific plate. will continue to watch those aftershocks. golden gate bridge, we're watching waves here in our area as well. wave heights are expected to peak just after 8:00, the good news is this is low tide. that does keep those waves down slightly. those waves continue to push down to santa barbara. here's a look at some of those fights, expecting them to get out part of 04 feet up into arena cove. more than 2 ft. waves through. rave. pacifica 2.8, 3 ft. half moo
. state department also revising u.s. citizens to avoid travelling to japan the tsunami damage according to hit california coast caused damage in santa monica. in santa cruz the surface of a least 18 votes and another 100 are damage. it will cost millions of dollars to fix. the now report a surge caused more than $17 million to santa cruz harbor. z it illegal to that lost our homes and vote. >>reporter: 0 was devastated to find her boat sank 13 just charged through the harbor. if it wasn't just her vote in with her son's home. >> had to watch it sink and everything he owned is on that vote. his business, everything. if we don't have anything now. >>reporter: 0 as one between us and water rushed in and of this floor. if others it took over and crashed into each other if your if fall in goes to see were holding talks together along with several one of the raider'' long if swept through here and have all these votes with it. off most of the damage happened on the utah fitzwater >> every time to search and now her home phone and find if half and into if that kind patch a hole. >> there is no
and now to the developing story in japan. the level of danger threat at the situation at the nuclear power plant has been raised from level 4 to level five. the new level is based on the international nuclear and radiological scale. indicates an accident with wider consequences. sandra reports on the latest on recovery efforts and the crisis. >>reporter: moment of silence in japan at 246 in the afternoon. one week since the crippling 9.0 magnitude earthquake and tsunami hit japan. the urgency remains to avert another disaster. if the nuclear radiation made from the power plants. japanese safety officials raised the threat levels from 4 to 05 with 7 being the most serious. the meanness and accident with water consequences. level five equals that of the three mile high incident in 1979 in pennsylvania. despite the severity the japanese chief cabinet secretary says not to worried. >> the radiation measurements has not been serious, serious enough to have health effects. >>reporter: and other challenges to get aid to people and is the most. a broken infrastructure is makin
at 11:00. >>> one week after the devastating 9.0 earthquake struck japan crews are trying to prevent a nuclear melt down. u.s. officials are trying to calm the nerves of americas who fear radiation can reach the west coast. >> we don't expect it to reach the west coast. >> we have the latest developments from the nuclear power plant, plus how one government age agency is beefing up radiation detection. >> crews are working around the clock at the fukushima dai-ichi nuclear power plant. the crews are working to reconnect electricity to the cooling system to cool the rods. other crews are spraying and dumping water on the nuclear few. smoke can be seen from building number 2 right now. the cause is not known but a explosion hit the building on tuesday. it is possible the cooling chamber is damaged. low levels of radiation have been detected beyond tokyo, which is 140 miles south of the nuclear power plant. u.s. is warning americans to leave the country and the government is offering voluntary evacuations. today president obama spoke about the situa
>> darya: 70 a.m. the new crises at the power play and japan continues. >> mark: the police are looking for the shooter's after five people are shot overnight. >> darya: the kron 4 morning news at 7:00 a.m. start to melt. >> life from the bay area new station this is the kron 4 morning news. >> mark: good morning tuesday march 15, 2011. >> louisa: right now scattered showers we saw on and push through now pushing off to the east. where'swe are seeing scatd showers but for the most part we are seeing a light rain, pitcher scattered showers to the north bay as well. current temperatures right now in to the '50s. as we move through the day today, by the time the store moves through we could get one- quarter of an inch-three- quarters of the bench. that's where we will pick up the most break today. by wednesday, thursday weaker systems will move through. friday breezes store meant, notice how widespread we all are also going to see heavier downpours. by the afternoon staying cooler into the upper 50s as '60s. south bay could work its way up and to the mid-60s today. here's your
. those stories and much more coming up after the break. >>pam: new details in japan, the japanese government says the radiation in tokyo's tap water and out exceeds the safe level for consumption by children. that is caused a rush on bottled water. the japanese capital is far. the food and drug administration says, a japanese food from other sections of the country will be screened before being elected to the united states. more smoke is rising from the damaged reactor is causing a new evacuation of workers were trying to restart the plant's cooling pumps. the operator of the plant said there was no apparent new release of radiation. the company did released pictures of the control room, with lights turned on for the first time since the earthquake and tsunami. the earthquake in tsunami are turning out to be the most expensive disaster in history. if the death toll is now nearing 10,000, with another 16,000 missing. if the japanese-government estimates the damage at more than $300 billion. toyota said today it will delay the launch of its pre as hybrid minivan due to disruptions i
's not discount this. march was up three the month, oil broker 205, khaddafi is blowing up people, japan, tsunami, portugal, ireland. the united states for another war. if we can't afford this. >>pam: another conflict. speaking of japan, the president is defending nuclear power in setting goals for cutting oil imports big time. what does that mean for the market? >>rob: for natural gas is a good thing, for nuclear power it's a good thing. fuel efficiency on trucks is a great idea, if we were to spend money, but fuel- efficient who vehicles it would cut down on. we do need to cut down on the foreign oil and we have plenty of natural gas. we have in the united states basically what amounts to, we are the saudi arabia of natural gas. >>pam >>rob: truck gases in safe places, if you need oil you have to go 8 mi. under the ocean or in to the middle east. natural gas will never be a great investment because with plenty of it and it's easy to get. >>catherine: the kirov, he will be back if your e-mail. we will be back after this. >>catherine: the latest on the nuclear threat, more fear about the spreadin
crews are trying to deal with the nuclear crisis in japan. radiation levels are exceeded the safety limits and have been detected in food and water near the plant. plus, they say you cannot predict the next big quake but when bay area the knowledge of says that if you have to the next week. the them by developing the news in libya. present record, has announced and u.s. military strike against the military in libya. it is an effort designed to get the military in line. more bloodshed. the nation's government has blasted the operations in their nation. they say innocence has been clouded in the crossfire. barbour has the latest. >> reporter: at the u.s. military has key allies such as france and great billion -- great britain launching misfiles. present record, was speaking from brazil and says the u.s. will not have to come again. he will not idly stand by (no audio) >> vicki: we are having some audio issues. hours after the attack the leader it went on the tv and said that he would defend himself. >> (foreign language) they will try to defend themselves against the united nations c
, and aztec was up 17. --nas daq. japan is up as well. the yen has been skyrocketing against the u.s. dollar. the banks will be talking about today, are they help the an f to boost and whether a other recession. a cease-fire was declared in libya. >>darya: people are waiting anxiously to get their hands on and i had to. ipad 2. can att five parts come from japanese employers. some of the suppliers are reporting damage but the deliberate. it is intgoing to affect sales. >>mark: a quick break. we are tracking this story as it heads through the bay area. more heavy off of pacifica. a to all people living in it shortly. the plants will get here as we mak our way the >>darya: good morning, 660 them. it is a wet one out there. taking at look at the conditions. >> reporter: a does not too bad it here it right now. you will notice it. thanks. the raidn, the wind, the cool air. there is a quarter inch and oun hour of rainfall. heavy winds, heavy rain and cold temperatures. >>darya: al so a visit chile.oh, is chile?? -- it is chilly? >>mark: glass breaking into different sections and did you get an up
in japan. and miraculously rescued. >> vicki: at the latest in japan. death toll for this anomaly exceeds 18,000. overall the number of what is collected is beat 600. 13,000 are still missing. japan made five years to rebuild. serious problems and the nuclear complex. the plant operators may need to deliberate scheme. and though >> vicki: 50 more bodies had been recovered from a coal mine in pakistan. this comes after a methane gas explosion. officials say the trend is for survival of the minors as very bleak. just last week the mine was declared dangerous. minimal development dangers. (music) >>bryan: well, thankfully the wind is quite. this guy's are beginning to clear. santa cruz mountain, more than 4 in. of rain. boulder, pre to 4 in.. we could see more as we go into the end of the week. for the rest of the bay area out rainfall totals between 1-2 in.. more is on the lake. cephalon to this year. loss of snow fall into tonight. as well, tuesday and would soon. the next system is arriving once it the chance for some heavy snow. here's future cuts. we're looking at the week ahead. rainy
if for further aftershocks. rescue efforts continue. far has the hills for the search of life in japan. >>reporter: canisters and they are facing live lives decreases influence to and if the heart rate pheromone a fool. three elderly people who live from his car. the list that hundreds family fishing full of love 150 >>-my-and will fly his finale i hope he is to show for someone, i am struggling to locate head. >>reporter: agenda nuclear power plant if it are also worrying less thathree residents. authors say a partial the family tens of dozens of residents, officials say in danger of radiation remains low. the scope for the damage from his fifth win on if not clear, if indeed if he the most if the history of losses: $100 billion in half if the u.s. to his five video full enough support from the ground beloaround half filled world. >>vicki: video and you see here for a half the farmers continue the crackle and further. it's tough market dropped monday morning. if the central bank to have it in more than $185 million to fill a bulgarian a virchow financial institutions will continue alo
down. and japan, the cooling system failed after the earthquake and the fuel rods got hot. and they were exposed to the air for several hours. to keep them from overheating sea water was pumped in. and when those melt the will be molten nuclear fuel. if that penetrates the inner chamber is considered a meltdown. the major concern is the containment shell. if that does not hold? catastrophic amounts of radiation could be released into the atmosphere. kate thompson, kron 4 news. >>pam: the u.s. government is evacuate americans out of japan. and to take off and need not-east central trouble to that area. maureen kelly was at s f o no-troub troubl travel. >> i ended up coming back because there was so much talk about the nuclear reactors. explosions, and yes, it was kind of scary. i feel safer a little bit and here is my dad. >> hello. we are very concerned about what is happening is more uncertainty about anything that has happened thus far. it is uncertainty about what could happen in the next couple of days. >> i am very concerned about the nuclear power plant situation. un
intensified. the u.s. government is now evacuating government personal and citizens who wish to lead. as japan's reactors, water drops started and crews trying to restore electrical power. kron 4's jonathan bloom has the latest on this unfolding story. >> reporter: a tail of two -- tale of two circles. the reactor here on the pacific coast inside two circles near sendai. a closer look. there are two evacuation zones. the center one, that is the zone japanese officials recommend citizens leave and seek shelter. but the larger circle a 50-mile ring in blue, that's the zone in which american officials told u.s. citizens they should not be traveling and if they want to get away, the united states government will help them get out. this happens as officials work to cool the reactors, so far, four of the reactors are experiencing serious problems. over here, reactors 5 and 6 are starting to heat up. reactors 1-4 all inch closer to melt down. >> reporter: military helicopters dump water on the reactors to keep them cool enough to prevent the melt down. it started when the earthquake hit, triggering a
in half japan. enough for the death toll has now reached 1800 people. if that number is expected to top 10,000 and go well beyond that peripheric federal health plans to remain in all the if their agencies declared a state of emergency has to play if you're if one plant that has explosion on saturday at a the went to nigeria if the reactor remain fifth half, though several people were injured. the japan) is under the person on the warnings. off despite the warning rescue efforts continue. r hall has become search for life in japan >>reporter: can finance resigned the country is facing its worst crisis the flow of work to carry enough fare are melissa hope. f three elderly people were pulled alive from this car. fewer stock under mud and debris for 20 hours. off hundreds of people remain missing. families desperately searching for love one's host on message boards and shelters. >> i hope he's taken a similar, i have been struggling to locate him. >>reporter: 01 to know is that we've what is going on at the nuclear plant authorities the harsh, on the occurred at one plant 160 mi. north of to
here is a look at your 7 day around the bay. and breaking new the earthquake in japan, keeping see the pictures on left the wall of water on the right the devastation left behind the city of 1 million people stuck with a wave than a net of 33 ft. high waves. large ships are in the port line on their side has is an cars washed away. it is the biggest earthquake to hit japan in hundreds of years the fifth biggest in the world. as we show you the latest video coming in from japan the incredible destruction. >> mark: it has come on shore, hundreds of people reportedly dead in japan we wait for a smaller way to make its way across the pacific it is in hawaii is traveling of 500 mi. per hour. as a precaution they have closed beaches around the bay area rainout it just appears to be a precaution as a small wave is headed towards the west coast. louisa is showing as the waves that makes its way across. >> louisa: rain now we do have a tsunami warning in effect for hawaii, we're continuing to see things die down we see the waves of died down strong waves surges keep in mind we continue to s
>> will: good morning, the top story come to japan struggles to cope with the aftermath of the earthquake in tsunami. feels about-- fears of explosion continues to grow. rescue teams are busy working to find where the eight dozen people still missing. let's go live to tokyo. >> reporter: japan launched a series of efforts to try and prevent a disaster. at this hour it does not appear that they're working. japanese forces took to the air using helicopters to drop seawater on reactor no. 3 to cool the damaged reactor's all that nuclear- power plant. experts believe steam rising from the bulls may be releasing radiation into the atmosphere. officials had been working to resolve cool in crumbs out for of six reactors. >> it may be too early to judge, we believe will help to cool down the fuel the span the data that will be receiving from the government. we'll be able to verify whether the mission has met with success. >> reporter: president obama called japan to get an update, to let the japanese people the u.s. is ready to help. >> u.s. president obama expressed sympathy
fishing industry has been devastated by the damage to the harbor. >> new video of the tsunami in japan as this pushes through the city of pentanuma>> this unbelievable six minutes give you a pain street side view of the tsunami. it tears apart this town. this car flying through the water. remember, somebody is behind this camera shooting all of this. standing on the staircase leads to this hill where people are looking in disbelief. it is eerie. boats, floating to the city. and in the 2 minutes, the water is even more ferocious. watch this man you can see just how quickly the water is moving as it pushes that a van down the street. one minute later, the staircase with photographer is gone. the water is very close at this point. you can see a boat floating down the street. one of the most shocking videos is just a few moments later. watch this house. the water rips it away. it flies down the street and the roar of this tsunami as it closes in. and it is destroying everything in its past and --path you can barely see through the path of debris. christine connolly. >>pam: as always time
americans urged to evacuate after the plant crisis in japan continues to worsen. >> darya: desperate measures to try and prevent a meltdown at the power plant. >> mark: tragedy in the bay area of big wave server dies after servinserving mavericks'. >> this is the kron 4 morning news. >> darya: think you for waking up with the morning news on march 17th. >> mark: we will stop with james and the weather. >> james: we have lot of activity in the pacific headed our way, today we will have a brief break, mostly dry. the for showers fallen north bay about 9:00 p.m. tonight. i will break it down coming up. >> george: if you drive 583 altamont pass you will want to know how slow it is. it is our first hot spot of the morning. >> mark: the latest out of japan, desperate measures to prevent at meltdown at the power plant in japan. four reactors in danger of melting down. military is dumping thousands of gallons of sea water on to the reactors, in hopes of cooling the compact box. the flights have been suspended as radiation levels are very high. they failed to cool down the reactors. they are
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